Style: AlterCountry, rockabilly


Kovács Kornél- voice, guitar
Boda Nóra - violin
Hajdú Bianka - voice, guitar
Petrovits Attila - doublebass
Bartus Zoltán - drum

The "A Nyughatatlan" band was named after the hungarian title of the film about Johnny Cash "Walk the line". On a Nyughatatlan concert, in addition to the more familiar Cash songs, the great legends of early rock & roll are also reminiscent. They play songs from a huge spectrum, from Bill Haley to Roy Orbison, and also the band's own songs are also played in every concert. In the past eight years, four albums were released, their 2016 album last year became a gold medal in hungary. In their own songs, there is a sense of Hungarian culture, rock & roll love, and in every rhythm there is the enthusiasm and respect of Johnny Cash.